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Art Grebetz


Artist Profile: American born Artist/Illustrator, Art Grebetz was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attended schools in Racine, going on to earn a BA in Art from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He then launched an extensive and successful career in the field of commercial and fine arts. 

The works and paintings of Art Grebetz are on display all over the United States, as well as Japan with a small sampling displayed here. You can purchase museum quality, unframed lithographs, numbered and signed by the artist.  Simply click on the artwork you are interested in for the art piece size and pricing details.

a prolific collection of works

Art medias include oils, pastels, watercolors, pen & ink, charcoal and acrylics.

  • Landscapes & Scenery (all types)

  • Wonderfully detailed Animal Portraits

  • Architectural Renderings (all types)

  • Personal Portraits

Give the gift of original art

Create a memorable gift for someone special or for yourself.

Unlimited Gift Ideas

  • Housewarming gift idea -- A sketch of a home... (from a decent photograph) as a thrilling, thoughtful keepsake! (Great for realtors to give as an escrow-closing gift.)

  • Another creative use of his talents is a gift certificate for a painting done by Art as a bonus or prize award at big celebratory events! (What a splendidly unique gift!)

  • Contact Art Grebetz for details on commissioned projects regarding art prices, fees and details of his works and services.

Exhibits and Gallery Showings:

Lakeside Gallery of The Abby Resort in Lake Geneva, WI
Flowers by Walter (& Gallery), 2000-2002
Harbor Inn Galleries, 1998
Grand Rapids Hotel, 1996
The works and paintings of Art Grebetz are on display all over the United States, (there's even one on exhibit in Japan).


Professional Memberships:
Artist's Guild of Chicago


Education and Training:

Studied at Chicago Academy of Fine Arts under teacher/mentors: Ruth Van Sickle Ford, Dean (watercolor & acrylics)
Fred Brown, Illustrator (oils)
Prof. Ponson, PHD (life and anatomy)
Edward Eaton (design illustration & tempura)
1955-1957 (4-year degree in 2 years)

Art grebetz

Telephone (262)554-9236



Lithography (from Greek λίθος - lithos, "stone" + γράφω - graphο, "to write") is a method for printing using a stone (Lithographic Limestone) or a metal plate with a completely smooth surface. Lithography uses chemical processes to create an image. For instance, the positive part of an image would be a hydrophobic chemical, while the negative image would be hydrophilic. Thus, when the plate is introduced to a compatible printing ink and water mixture, the ink will adhere to the positive image and the water will clean the negative image. This allows a flat print plate to be used, enabling much longer and more detailed print runs than the older physical methods of printing (e.g., intaglio printing, Letterpress printing Lithography works because of the mutual repulsion of oil and water. The image is drawn on the surface of the print plate with a fat or oil-based medium (hydrophobic), which may be pigmented to make the drawing visible. A wide range of oil-based media is available, but the durability of the image on the stone depends on the lipid content of the material being used, and its ability to withstand water and acid. Following the drawing of the image, an aqueous solution of gum Arabic, weakly acidified with nitric acid HNO3 is applied to the stone. The function of this solution is to create a hydrophilic layer of calcium nitrate salt, Ca(NO3)2, and gum Arabic on all non-image surfaces. The gum solution penetrates into the pores of the stone, completely surrounding the original image with a hydrophilic layer that will not accept the printing ink. Using lithographic turpentine, the printer then removes any excess of the greasy drawing material, but a hydrophobic molecular film of it remains tightly bonded to the surface of the stone, rejecting the gum Arabic and water, but ready to accept the oily ink.  WIKIPEDIA.ORG


Wind Point Nostalgia Lithograph: There are many lighthouses on the shores of Lake Michigan, but this historic structure is in the Village of Wind Point north of Racine, Wisconsin. It brings back memories of photo ops and picnics on the beach. It is a landmark that is visited by thousands yearly.

Noah's Ark Lithograph: We’ve all read the story in the Bible, but seeing a simple picture of the event has helped young children to understand the story behind Noah and his ark. The original painting depicts the falling rain in 24k gold paint.

Winter Essence Lithograph: The winters in Wisconsin can be extremely beautiful. This is a winter scene from a photograph taken in Dane County. The new snowfall was unspoiled as the artist drove by. The resulting painting is from a serene Sunday morning.

Old Covered Bridge Lithograph: So many covered bridges, and so few photos and/or paintings. This covered bridge comes solely from the artist’s imagination. It brings quiet and calm to the soul.

King Exotic Lithograph: Who doesn’t need a little whimsy in their life? This painting was the result of being snowed in one winter, wanting to see the lighter side of life.

Tulips Lithograph: This painting was inspired by a photograph by a friend on a trip to Holland. There were several photographs of windmills, but this stood out from the rest.


Copyright Notice:
All of the artwork on these pages is copyright-protected and may not be reproduced, distributed, or used without the express permission of the artist or owners. Please contact Art Grebetz for pricing on greeting cards and other art projects.

Vintage Ad Poster
San Francisco, California
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Wind Point Nostalgia
A Racine Landmark
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Noah's Ark
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Winter Essence
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Old Covered Bridge
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King Exotic
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